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Best Toys For Boys

It is a general phenomenon that kids of all ages love toys. But they will love the toy that is best suited for them according to their age and gender. It is observed that kids often choose a toy based on their developmental needs. In boys, the emotional development, language and speech development, social development and cognitive development are on par with the girls of their age, they are better developed physically in terms of their physical strength, balance, stamina and coordination. Thus they generally choose toys and provide them with a chance to fight with the world. It is observed that boys are able to integrate progressively complex cognitive processes such as their imagination and creativity in physical processes.

Boys tend to choose toys according to their age. While big boys have an idea about safety, designing toys for small boys is a challenge in itself as safety should be given utmost importance. Some of the different types of best toys for boys that are suited for boys of different age groups are:

For a four year old boy, you can gift a toy that can help in enhancing his social development. The main goal of the toy should be to teach him the concept of communication, sharing and taking turns. Toys that boost creativity and imagination skills are the best choices .Also it is important to choose toys that can help in the promotion of physical activity, reinforcement of muscle coordination and balance, enhancement of gross and fine motor skills etc.

When it comes to choosing appropriate toys for six year olds, one should choose toys that help in augmenting the learning activities in school. These toys should be able to make learning simpler and easier. In other words the toys should act as a supplement to boost the learning skills of these young kids.

Ten year old boys on the other hand have different requirements when it comes to toys. The toys you choose for boys of this age group should be in accordance with the developmental milestones.

Kids of this age are way in between the ages of kids and adults and it is also the age when their thinking patterns undergo a drastic change. The toys chosen for boys of this age group should be able to add value to their social, cognitive and emotional skills.

Musical activity based toys, trikes, pull around toys are best suited for boys under the age of three years. Three to six year olds enjoy playing with pedal cars, superhero costumes, railway sets, guns etc. Seven to ten year old boys enjoy playing with skateboards, footballs etc.